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Elsie's Framing Studio is a professional frame shop that gives you access to a wide range of frame designs along with expertise in the types of materials needed to protect your art and photographs.

A frame package is made up of several important parts that contribute to the decorative, rigid structure that protects the art or photograph on display. The individual parts of a good-quality frame package are illustrated below.

The frame is the support that holds everything together. In today's market there is an enormous variety of design and quality offered in picture frame moulding. In choosing frame mouldings we try to choose design elements which will bring out the inherent beauty of the work while being careful not to overpower the art.

When properly designed, the frame is the "icing on the cake" complementing and enhancing the beauty of the art while harmonizing with all the other design elements to create a tasteful as well as a personal package of beauty for the wall in your home or office.

In addition to providing an attractive border, the frame functions as the structural support that holds the entire package together. The frame must be strong enough to support the weight of all of the other framing materials and the art/photo, while hanging on the wall or standing on a shelf.

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